Sunday, November 15, 2009

moving on

I know what you must be thinking ;p FINALLY eh?? This gal promised she'd update within a week but it's been more than a month! Haha sorriee sorrieee I thought I'd be updating really quickly too. But I've been busy with other stuff this past month and I just didn't feel up to updating this blog... But here it is:
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The realization that I needed to change things came to me rather quickly sometime last month... It pretty much sort of dawned on me that this wasn't the direction I wanted my blog to be going. I was starting to get weary of posting and taking photos specifically for posts... I was starting to get nervous about each entry, wondering whether it'd be good enough for readers... better than the previous one... that sort of thing. In essence, I was stressing out about something that was supposed to be an enjoyable hobby for me and I was starting to churn out stuff on my blog with readers in mind rather than with me in mind. I think a lot of bloggers probably go through this sort of phase. But for me, I've decided enough is enough.

This new blog of mine is pretty different from what you're used to seeing here. :) A little less of outfit shots... perhaps less of a focus on fashion? But it's more to do with who I am as a person. Little thoughts about things, experiences, photography, fashion (still something I love), style... bits and pieces of my life.
I've already started on a few posts because I wanted to get it up and running before announcing it over here...I can understand if you're a hardcore fashion blog reader who might not be so interested in my new blog. Thank you so much for reading my blog these past few months. I've really enjoyed reading all the sweet comments and establishing contact with so many great bloggers around the world. If you're still interested in reading my new blog though, thank you :) and I look forward to seeing you there. Do let me know if you'd like to continue to exchange links ya? I'd love to be able to do so with you!

I'll probably be deleting all posts apart from this one by the end of next week (more like just saving it to my drafts heh; i can't bear to delete everything!) sooo... if there's any reason you might wanna go back to check out old entries, you have till the 22nd of Nov to do so! :)

My blogshop will still be running, though at a different website now -->
Do let me know if you see anything you'd like to purchase! Shipping available to everyone around the world :) I'll be updating there a lot more often.

Hmm kinda sad that I did't manage to make it to 100 posts here.. but hopefully in the new blog I will! :)

Once again, thank you so much for reading this blog... Here's to a great rest of the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. :) PEACE OUT!

Friday, February 20, 2009


I've never been the sort of person who readily embraces change but I am one who, after variable lengths of deliberation and resistance of rational thought, tends to follow her heart. So it's back to blogspot for me. Thanks very much for following me over. =)

I seem to gravitate towards a mass of images each time I start a new chapter. Perhaps it's because at the beginning there's just that - a mish mash of influences, ideas, inspiration. So here's a little something that's getting me going.


(the inimitable Alexander Wang in his element)


(Noir et Blanc)

(Vogue Korea)

(Eksempel '08)

(the soulful photography of Jonathan Leder)

(Alexander Wang, F/W 09)
Mmm lunch time now. Though I think I could feed off images. ;)